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As promoted by The Institution of Structural Engineers:-

“Structural engineers are highly skilled, creative professionals who design the strength and stability of our buildings and bridges. Structural engineers help create record-breaking structures, beautiful structures, useful structures and sometimes just cool structures – anything from bridges, rollercoasters and skyscrapers to hospitals, homes and public artworks.

They work as part of a team alongside architects, builders and other engineers.

They make sure the building works well in practice, depending on what it is used for: for example, a dance floor shouldn’t vibrate too much when people jump up and down on it.”

This video helps to give the bigger picture….

How can this help you and when would you need one?

Extended or altering your home or business premises?

If you are intending to remove or change loadbearing parts of you building you will need a Structural Engineer to check that this is safe and practical to do, and calculate the size and type of any subsequent beams, posts, lintels, joists and the like that you may need.

Building something new?

With current trends for open-plan living and the desire for “wow-factor” you will need a Structural Engineer to assess and design roofs, floors, walls and foundations to ensure these are safe and stable but still deliver the required space and impact.

Problems with cracking, movement or other defects in your property?

Whether you need to supplement a building or valuation survey with an ‘Engineer’s Report’ or you want some peace of mind regarding some cracks or damage you have noticed, then it is always best to consult a qualified Structural Engineer.